Dell, SHAWCO join forces to support communities


Dell Technologies, Students' Health and Welfare Centres Organisation - (SHAWCO) partnership

by DION HENRICK in Cape Town
Western Cape Bureau
CAPE TOWN, (CAJ News) – COMMUNITIES in the Kensington area of Cape Town, already exposed to critical skills to be successful in the digital world, are to benefit from the establishment of a solar-powered medical clinic.

Dell Technologies, in partnership with Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO), has launched the Kensington Solar Community Hub.

These new services augment the educational offering which aims to equip the Kensington community with critical skills to be successful in the digital world, such as International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) certifications.

Opened in 2014, the Kensington Solar Learning Lab was Dell’s first lab in South Africa and its second globally.

Initially focused on education, it now offers the community healthcare services that have not been accessible in the past.

This addresses two pressing issues in South Africa: scant access to healthcare for communities such as Kensington and a marked digital divide which means only 10,4 percent of households have access to home internet, according to Statistics South Africa.

Dell has deployed Solar Community Hubs in 47 locations worldwide, supporting 13 countries and impacting more than 921 000 people. These hubs are designed based on the needs of each community and aim to provide access to the basic needs and digital skills needed to participate in the digital economy. There are currently 12 hubs in South Africa.

Jackie Stewart, Executive Director of SHAWCO, said the initiative has the potential to serve as a template for positive change, demonstrating what can be achieved in other regions of South Africa and on the broader Dell Giving map.

“We have a shared focus on the growth and impact of digital literacy and our commitment to closing the social fault lines in our country, especially in terms of access to technology and resources,” Stewart said.

Natasha Reuben, Head of Transformation at Dell Technologies South Africa, believes SHAWCO is the ideal partner for this initiative and helps ensure the Kensington community can receive dignified healthcare.

“We are proud and excited to bring healthcare, education and social support to this community through the evolution of this programme,” she said.

Doug Woolley, Managing Director for Dell Technologies in South Africa, expressed excitement at expanding their digital access mission with the healthcare facility.

“The Kensington Solar Community Hub demonstrates our combined commitment and investment to support end-to-end growth for communities,” he concluded.

– CAJ News

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