Citizens rebuke SA opposition’s rudeness on Mnangagwa


Mmusi Maimane

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – AN attempt by South African opposition leader Mmusi Maimane to use sport to settle political scores backfired heavily when all and sundry rebuked him.

Build One South Africa (BOSA) leader came under fire for unnecessarily poking Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa after he congratulated the victorious Springboks and his South African counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Mnangagwa tweeted his congratulatory message to the Boks and president Ramaphosa, but out of nowhere the South African opposition leader chose to politicise the sport ahead of his country’s elections next year by being denigrating to the neighbouring Head of State for his congratulatory message.

“On behalf of South Africa. I would like to send these congratulations back to sender (President Mnangagwa). We don’t need to be congratulated by a cheat and a thug like this man. We win fair and square and he knows nothing about that. His government (Zimbabwe) destroyed their rugby program through corruption. We welcome congratulations from all other Zimbabweans. We still owe you (Zimbabwe) one for Beast (Tendai Mtawarira),” Maimane tweeted.

Earlier the Zimbabwean leader had tweeted immediately after South Africa narrowly beat New Zealand 12-11 in the Rugby World Cup final to win a record title for the fourth time.

“Congratulations to President @CyrilRamaphosa and all South Africans for winning the Rugby World Cup. The @Springboks put on a magnificent display of determination and strength to win tonight. Zimbabwe celebrates with you,” Mnangagwa tweeted.

South Africans and the greater African continent came guns blazing against Maimane accusing him of being “undignified”, “uncultured”, “unmannered” and “unAfrican” for his unprovoked utterances.

Gareth of Aranui reacted: “Wow, what an arrogant and undignified response to congratulations,” while Marvin Draai observed: “As a supposed leader, we would expect better from you Sir. Sies. You should be better. Withdraw this.”

King Arthur said: “I was anticipating a much better comment from you as a leader but I can see your statement is rhetorical baffled, I expect such from teenagers like Kwena, let politics have its own arena & sports should play its role to unite & entertain everybody from all corners of this planet.”

Mokgalabje Ngwato queried Maimane: “In what capacity do you speak on our behalf?” while Khuliso_Ratshi questioned too: “What kind of a pastor are you?”

Only God Knows rejoined: “(Emmanuel) Macron (French president) also congratulated them (Springboks), and there’s no African who doesn’t know the pain the French have brought to Africa, but because your masters tell you who to love and who to hate, you decided to use a black man (President Mnangagwa) to score cheap political points.”

Magasane Mahlatji could not be left out: “That’s not what rugby is all about Mmusi,” while Masilonyana Wa Ha Moshoeshoe stated: “No, you’re not qualified to speak on behalf of all South Africans. You have no such official authority. Do it on behalf of your infant party (BOSA).”

Princ Meshach Mnguni Awh noted: “……that’s very small of you, truth is
@Springboks had presented not just South Africa as a country… but had presented Africa as a whole. So you can’t stop another fellow African from celebrating with us.”

Sibusiso Gigaba queried Maimane’s unprovoked tweet saying: “Who gave you the mandate to speak on behalf of South Africans. The only person who can do that is President Ramaphosa, not you. You can speak on behalf of your spaza shop and your family only.”

Thizwi BhinghimonSmile Negota said: “Mmusi Maimane! Mmusi Maimane! Mmusi Maimane! (by Jakob Zuma’s voice) not everything is about politics, I’m starting to think that you don’t know politics instead you love politics.”

Only one called Liston Mavhuto supported Maimane pointing out: “You right Mr. Look now Zimbabwe National team will play their home games away from home in Rwanda because of these corrupt leaders.

– CAJ News

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