Opinion: BRICS can ooze global balance


The United States President Joe Biden (left) with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE world is tilting towards conflicts. Hopefully the United States (US) will realize that rebuilding the Second World War alliances is a confidence measure among the alliance partners only.

The rest of the world would feel vulnerable and will lead to contestation. The Russian war with Ukraine is an example. It is not as simple as a Russian invasion.

The problem is that the US is not playing a balancing act. It is saying, “I have nuclear power to protect only those who are allies, only my friends, who interpret issues along the lines of American interests, instead of fairness.”

There is a story behind Ukraine which the European countries could not resolve without a go ahead from the USA. Fairness is to look at an issue and decide in a balanced way. At the end of the day there must be somebody to play a balanced act.

The US is not playing that role, as clearly exhibited in Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
America and its alliances are as strong as their level of fairness militarily and economically.

Everybody knows everything has its time. At some point this will change. That change can cause consternation and conflict. Where will the consternation be?

Europe is not a political powerhouse anymore. In the chair are the USA and European governments playing to the tune. Globally US allies are in a tiny corner of Europe and dots in Asia around Japan. There are vast tracts of the world not embraced.

The space occupied by Iran is interesting. The US policy is to regard Iran as an enemy, as with Russia.

The axis is vastly central. Someday the other countries will pick up their economy. That time that new axis will form to contest that remaining global space.
America is producing all its oil needs.

Its influence among oil producing Asia will wane as it is no longer a customer as before. The coalescence of US and Asia is weakened, and a global shift emerges, unless the USA plays a fair game.

Those in Africa see the unfairness, with some countries removed from AGOA at the stroke of a US President’s pen. What is AGOA all about? The other African countries will not celebrate the removal of their members.

Already the emergence of BRICS is a more balanced formation, not for military defences but to moderate development options and global opinion. The advice is that the US should not see BRICS as an enemy but as a companion to take middle ground with, not selfish World War alliances.

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