Cricket hits a six with new SA tech-driven fan experience


Zapper and Wanderers Fan Innovation

JOHANNESBURG – AMIDST the backdrop of South Africa’s 8-wicket defeat against India in the Pink Day One Day International, Zapper and its partners DP World Wanderers Stadium introduced an innovative fan experience system in South Africa yesterday.

This innovation, particularly poignant given the match’s outcome, allowed fans to immerse themselves in the game without missing a moment. At one stage, had you left your seat for food and beverage, you would have missed three wickets leaving South Africa at 57/6.

Innovative Payment and Ordering System
Zapper’s CEO, Mike Bryer, reflected on the day’s events: “It was a tough day for the team today. But, ironically, it was a day that you couldn’t afford to leave your seat for long, due to the pace of the match itself. Our new QR code-based ordering system meant fans didn’t have to leave their seats, a small consolation as the team faced a tough challenge on the field. We’re proud to have provided a service that enhanced their experience, even during some pretty tense moments.”

Enhancing Fan Engagement in Trying Times
Brecht Mohonathan, CFO of Lions Cricket Union, added, “In a game where every second was crucial, our digital solution ensured fans could stay glued to their seats, supporting the team, while still enjoying the amenities of the stadium. So, embracing the fourth industrial revolution, we are embracing the use of digital technology and understanding the needs of our fans from a digital perspective. We continue to deepen our full fan experience with a one stop solution through a single app where you can make your ticket purchases, your food and beverage purchases, before you enter the match and collect it at the stadium or have it personally delivered to your seat. It has been great to work with Zapper on this.”

A Future of Digital Integration in Sports
The successful implementation of this digital initiative marks a significant advancement in sports entertainment. The plan to expand these services stadium-wide promises to revolutionise how fans engage with the game, especially during high-stakes matches.

Resilience and Innovation
This initiative is a testament to South Africa’s resilience and commitment to innovation, offering fans a new way to experience the game, even amid the highs and lows of cricket. “It’s about enhancing the fan experience, making every moment count, regardless of the score,” concluded Bryer.

Video explainer here:

– CAJ News


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