How to Earn and Redeem Airtel Zawadi points

Airtel Zawadi points is a loyalty program designed to reward Airtel subscribers for using their services. Here’s a comprehensive guide to earning and redeeming Zawadi points:

What are Zawadi Points?

Airtel Zawadi points is a program that allows you to earn points for every Kenyan shilling spent on various Airtel services. This includes:

  • Airtime purchases
  • Data bundles
  • SMS bundles
  • Mobile money transactions (e.g., Airtel Money)

For every Ksh. 10 spent, you earn 1 Zawadi point. These accumulated points can then be redeemed for various exciting rewards.

How to Register for Zawadi Points

Enrollment in the Zawadi program is quick and easy:

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad.
  2. Dial *326# and press the send button.
  3. From the displayed menu, select option 3 “Enroll.”
  4. You will receive a confirmation message on your phone confirming your enrollment.

How to Redeem Zawadi Points

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for various rewards. Here’s how:

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad.
  2. *Dial 326# and press the call button.
  3. Select option 2 “Redeem.”
  4. Choose your preferred reward category:
    • Data: Redeem points for various data bundles to stay connected.
    • Airtime: Redeem points for airtime usable for calls, SMS, and data.
    • Phones and Accessories: Redeem points towards purchasing phones and mobile phone accessories directly from Airtel.
  5. Select the number of points you wish to redeem and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the redemption process.

Examples of Redeeming Zawadi Points:

  • Let’s say you have accumulated 100 Zawadi points. You can redeem them for various options:
    • 50 Kenyan shillings worth of airtime: This airtime can be used for making calls, sending SMS, or purchasing data bundles.
    • A 100MB daily data bundle: This data bundle allows you to browse the internet, check emails, and access social media for a day.
  • If you have saved up 500 points, you might consider redeeming them towards a phone case or a screen protector for your mobile phone.

Currently, the Airtel Zawadi program does not allow point sharing between users. Your points are for your personal use and cannot be transferred to other Airtel subscribers.

By understanding the Airtel Zawadi program and its various options, you can maximize your rewards and enjoy additional benefits for being an Airtel subscriber in Kenya.

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