How to get a Temporary Driver’s Licence in South Africa

In South Africa, a driver’s licence card is valid for five years from the date of issue. However, many motorists often forget to renew the document before its expiry, necessitating the use of a temporary version while waiting for the renewed card.

Who Needs a Temporary Driver’s Licence in South Africa?

Motorists are required to have a temporary driver’s licence in two instances:

  1. When the official South African driver’s licence is stolen, damaged, or lost.
  2. When the driver’s licence card has expired, and the individual has applied for renewal.

During the waiting period for the renewed card, which typically takes four to six weeks, having a temporary driver’s licence is necessary to legally drive on any South African road.

The temporary driver’s licence is issued at any Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) across South Africa and remains valid for up to six months or until the renewed driver’s licence card is received, whichever comes first.

How to Obtain a Temporary Driver’s Licence in South Africa

The process for obtaining a temporary driver’s licence is straightforward and hassle-free. Before proceeding, ensure you have the following requirements:

  1. A certified copy of your regular or temporary identification document (ID). Foreigners in South Africa can present a traffic register number certificate.
  2. Proof of postal and residential address (e.g., a utility bill). If the bill owner is different, the legal owner should provide an affidavit confirming your residency at the stated address, attached to the bill.
  3. For those in informal establishments, an official and stamped letter from the ward councillor confirming residential and postal location.
  4. Four similar black and white pictures. Confirm the required number with the DLTC, as they may need more than four.
  5. A duly filled application for a driving licence (DL1) form, available at any DLTC or downloadable from the eNatis website.
  6. A duly filled notification of change of address or particulars of a person or organization (NCP) form.
  7. The required fee, which varies across municipalities. Additionally, R70 is needed for a fingerprint check against the national SAPS criminal fingerprint database, separate from the licence renewal fee.
  8. Eye testing results. The test is typically done at the DLTC on the application day, but having it done by a professional optometrist and bringing the form can expedite the process.

For Gauteng residents, an online application is available at

Duration of Temporary Driver’s Licence Processing

The temporary driver’s licence is issued on the same day as the application. To expedite the procedure, consider having your eye test done by an optometrist, downloading the DL1 form in advance, and completing it before visiting the testing centre.

As a South African motorist, understanding the process of obtaining a temporary driver’s licence is crucial for legal compliance while waiting for your driver’s licence card renewal.

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