How to Scrap a Vehicle in South Africa

Disposing of an old or non-functioning automobile can be a complex process, but in South Africa, there are well-defined procedures for scrapping a vehicle. Whether your car is no longer roadworthy, a write-off, or too costly to repair, having an in-depth understanding of these steps will make the process worthwhile.

What Does It Mean to Scrap a Car in South Africa?

Scrapping a car involves dismantling it for parts or recycling when the vehicle is no longer roadworthy. It’s essential for car owners to understand the process of vehicle deregistration for various reasons.

  • Ownership Transfer: When ownership is transferred to another person, this ensures that anything associated with the automobile after the process is not linked to the former owner.
  • Cost Considerations: The cost of scrapping a car depends on the current market price for specific metals and factors such as the vehicle’s make, model, weight, and size.

How to Deregister a Car in South Africa

If your automobile is permanently unfit for public road use, stolen, demolished, or exempt from registration, follow these steps to avoid penalties:

  1. Contact Registering Authority: Inform your nearest registering authority about your intention to deregister the vehicle.
  2. Submit Required Documents: Submit necessary documents, including a valid ID, proof of ownership, and the vehicle’s registration certificate.
  3. Fill Out ADV Form: Complete the Application for Deregistration of Vehicle (ADV) form.

Once processed, you’ll receive a vehicle deregistration certificate. Note that vehicles not licensed for four years are deregistered automatically.

Important Points to Note During Scrapping

When initiating the scrapping process, legally adhere to the following:

  • Owner Notification: Inform the owner and complete the CNP or MVR1A form at the nearest registering authority within three months if the car is unfit.
  • ADV Form Completion: The vehicle’s titleholder must fill out the ADV form within three months to declare the car unsuitable.
  • Notification of Scrapping: The titleholder must inform the nearest registering authority within three months if it has been scrapped using the ADV1 form.
  • Required Documents: Submit documents, including an affidavit and scrapped certificate.
  • Registering Authority Check: Check with the registering authority to ensure correct documentation and updates.
  • Licensing Requirements: The automobile may not need to be licensed if the registering authority approves the correct notification receipt.

How to Register a Deregistered Vehicle in South Africa

To register a deregistered vehicle in South Africa, follow these processes at your nearest registering authority:

  1. Submit Documentation: Provide a certified copy of your ID, proof of ownership, and the vehicle’s registration certificate.
  2. Complete ADV Form: Fill out the Application for Deregistration of Vehicle (ADV) form.
  3. Affidavit Submission: Submit an affidavit confirming the origin of parts and actions taken on the car.
  4. Police Clearance: Submit a Request for police clearance (form SOA) and Request for police identification (form RPC).
  5. Fee Payment: Pay the required fees at the registering authority office.
  6. Additional Form Completion: Complete the Application for Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicle (RLV) form.

After approval, you’ll receive a registration certificate and a motor vehicle license disc.

Understanding these procedures ensures a smooth process when scrapping or registering a vehicle in South Africa.

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