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Mobile towers for 5G

from MARIO RAJOMAZANDRY in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Madagascar Bureau
ANTANANARIVO, (CAJ News) – SOME 200 000 Madagascans will have access to telecommunication services for the first time following a partnership between Africa Mobile Network (AMN) and satellite-based communications firm, Intelsat.

In the long term, the companies plan to connect 500 sites to provide broadband services to locals across the country, mostly in the rural areas.

To date, 65 sites are operational, with a goal to connect 120 sites by the end of March.

At that point, 200 000 people will have access to telecommunication services where no coverage previously had been available from any network operator.

AMN specialises in rural deployments.

A combination of Intelsat’s satellite backhaul and AMN’s unique site design is used to connect the rural communities to telephone services.

According to experts, the ubiquity of satellite and solar solutions means that no location is too remote and AMN is committed to overcoming the most difficult logistical challenges.

According to the GSMA, Madagascar has a Global Connectivity Index rating of 32.5. This means it is an emerging digital market where the adoption of technology is only taking shape.

The government has committed to increasing access to digital services, with the Digital and Energy Connectivity for Inclusion in Madagascar (DECIM) project launched in 2023.

It focuses on deploying infrastructure in under-served areas.

Connecting this country is a challenge, with 60 percent of the 30-million population living in rural areas.

Most of the areas are difficult to access and some beyond the reach of the country’s power grid.

– CAJ News

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