DPD Laser and Multiserv partner to democratise parcel delivery to all South Africans


DPD Laser South Africa

CAPE TOWN, (CAJ News) – SOUTH Africans live busy lives and the massive growth in online retail and associated deliveries since the COVID-19 pandemic really does show just how much they’ve come to depend on the convenience it makes possible.

The only part of the online shopping process that some consumers may find less than ideal is being tied to a location as they wait for their purchases to be delivered.

While parcel delivery companies provide a delivery window that allows for some planning, external factors can affect that negatively, meaning that consumers get
frustrated when a delivery happens later than they expected, disrupting their diary for the day.

That’s why nationwide delivery provider DPD Laser has partnered with Multiserv, one of South Africa’s longest standing, most recognised brands, to offer an in-store collection or drop-off service. Services will include store to door or store to store delivery options.

Already established near the entrances of South Africa’s leading local and regional malls in more than 100 locations, Multiserv stores offer the basic services that every consumer needs – and have added parcel collection and drop off with this collaboration.

The partnership gives consumers the option of nominating a Multiserv store where they can collect the items they’re expecting to be delivered via DPD Laser, giving them the flexibility to collect the item at any time during the store’s opening hours. Similarly, anyone wanting to send an item using DPD Laser’s national and international
network, can drop off their package at a Multiserv at a time that suits them.

“Because Multiserv has so many stores in major centres, from the Western Cape to Limpopo and in so many locations between those, consumers are no longer tied to a location as they wait for their delivery,” explains Jason Lombard, CEO of DPD Laser in South Africa.

“The partnership gives them the flexibility to take care of their admin when they have time to, whether it’s having a shoe mended or having a set of keys cut at a Multiserv outlet nearby.”

The collaboration between the international DPD and the super-South African Multiserv brand creates additional earning opportunities for each of the Multiserv franchisees, whether it’s via making the DPD services available from their stores and adding convenience for their customers or through extra income from the added foot traffic that this partnership will bring. Who enjoys picking up laundry… now you can have it cleaned at Multiserv and delivered to your door.

It also brings the convenience of parcel shipping to many more South Africans who would simply not be able to wait for a collection vehicle or delivery to come to them. They can now send packages across the country when it suits them, to friends and family who would also prefer to be more in control of when and where they receive their goods.

“This partnership means that DPD Laser can offer the benefits of a store-based parcel delivery and collection solution without incurring the costs of setting up stores across the country,” Lombard adds. “We can offer an affordable shipping option to consumers while keeping our costs down, while extending the range of services to Multiserv customers.”

“Partnering with DPD Laser to expand the range of services our franchisees can offer to their customers adds value to their already wide range of services while bringing more people into their stores,” says Luandi Norris, Franchise and Marketing Manager at Multiserv.

“We’re proud to be working with such a well-recognised international brand with its focus on South Africans’ needs and look forward to seeing the wonderful opportunities it creates come to life.”


– CAJ News

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