No third term for Mnangagwa: Mayor


Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa

from NDABENI MLOTSHWA in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Bureau
BULAWAYO, (CAJ News) – THE mayor of Zimbabwe’s second largest city – Bulawayo, David Coltart has warned the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU–PF) followers not to make the country unattractive investment destination by overzealously calling for president Emmerson Mnangagwa to go for the ‘unconstitutional’ third term in office.

ZANU-PF Masvingo province is advocating for Mnangagwa to go for the third term when his second and final term in office expires in 2028.

Coltart reminded the overexcited ZANU-PF elite that the country’s constitution should not be tempered in order to satisfy interests of individual leaders at the expense of the nation.

“The two term presidential limit in the Zimbabwe Constitution was overwhelmingly agreed to by millions of Zimbabweans in 2013 and passed in a referendum which was voted on by over 80% of the electorate. It is supplemented by another clause in the Constitution which states that no incumbent can benefit from a constitutional amendment,” Coltart said.

He added: “These clauses (of the constitution) were debated right across Zimbabwe and are the result of a deeply held belief that Presidents should not remain in office too long. It is reinforced by the fact that in its 44 year old history Zimbabwe has only had two Presidents and that is one of the key reasons why our Nation has performed well below its true potential.”

Coltart said it was sad that the country’s first President Robert Mugabe remained in office too long until he “was old” and “decrepit”, a development he claimed caused some leaders within the ruling ZANU-PF to remove him unconstitutionally through a coup.

“Coups cast Nations in a very poor light internationally. Had Mugabe gone early and made way for younger blood we would never have had (not encountered) this setback,” he said.

Coltart said any move to amend these clauses to suit interests of an individual would not only be a grave violation of the country’s constitution, but condemn Zimbabwe into a “banana republic” and “an unsafe investment destination.”

“It doesn’t matter how this debate is camouflaged – it is wrong, dangerous and all patriots need to speak out against it (third term in office.) We should rather now be concentrating on what policies we need as a Nation to deliver clean water to citizens, ensure a safe, healthy environment, rapidly expand foreign investment and create millions of jobs,” Coltart said.

Ilos Nyoni concurred with the opposition mayor saying: “It is indeed vital that the constitution is observed and respected as it was a product of consultation and approval by the majority of the people. Amendments that are designed to suit desires of one individual are unacceptable.”

– CAJ News

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