Mantashe labels MK party “tribalistic”


African National Congress (ANC) chairman Gwede Mantashe

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE African National Congress (ANC) chairman Gwede Mantashe has set tongues wagging when he described newly formed breakaway opposition uMkhonto we Sizwe’s (MK’s) impressive electoral performance in KwaZulu Natal province as “tribalistic” vote.

The MK party, which broke away from the ruling ANC, is headed by former South African president Jacob Zuma, who was forced to resign or face a vote of no confidence in parliament sometime in 2018.

Now Zuma, who is Zulu, and comes from KwaZulu Natal, which used to be the ANC’s stronghold tore the form book apart before turning the KZN province into an MK stronghold barely less than five when it was formed.

“Now, if the impact in KZN reflects something different, it reflects Zulu tribalism! I don’t think we (ANC) should actually look into Zulu tribalism. Tribalism is a backward form of politics. It has its own time frame… disappears. So, if that is the factor, I’m not worried about it,” Mantashe said.

Earlier the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) predicted the election outcomes would be dominated by the ANC, although CSIR stated that the ruling party might not attain an outright 50% mark this time around.

CSIR projected that the ANC would record a total 41.8%, the DA 21.2%, the MK 14%, the EFF 9.2% while the newly formed Patriotic Alliance (PA) would record a total 0f 1.9% votes respectively.

Bubbling with confidence following early results, former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, told journalists at the IEC nerve centre in Gallagher Estate, Midrand, that her MK party would not embark on any coalition with the ANC.

The MK is widely believed to emerge as a political kingmaker in the KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, or even Gauteng province, the country’s economic hub.

She however could not rule out a coalition with the EFF, a party, which lately warmed up to Zuma.

She described the MK party’s impressive electoral performance as: “……it’s something we have been working toward. We are not shocked (with impressive results)”

However, Mantashe’s utterances labeling MK’s vote powerbase in KZN did not go unchallenged as many electorate believed the ANC chairman had stirred up a hornet’s nest.

Reacting to Mantashe, one Siphesihle, sharply disagreed with the ANC chairman arguing: “We will not vote for loadshedding, high unemployment rate, high fuel prices, high cost of living, poor service delivery, privatization of SOEs (state-owned enterprises).”

Mthobisi Scelo Mbokazi sacarstically responded: “ANC is leading in Limpopo because of ‘Venda tribalism”. Actually, president Cyril Ramaphosa is Venda from Limpopo province.

Percy Joyisa observed: “KZN people have been voting for the ANC for many years, it has never been a problem, suddenly when they change their minds, it’s tribalism? So what the hell were you (ANC) all doing (to) campaign in a tribalistic province?”

Kgomo-Ya-Maphoto rejoined: “Tt (MK party) has nothing to do with tribalism. The ANC has become arrogant nationally. I respect the KZN people for removing them. I wish the same could happen in Limpopo and Eastern Cape provinces.”

T-Man Shandu hitback: “Gwede (Mantashe) is talking nonsense. Mk got votes from all people, not Zulus only. He (Mantashe) must accept defeat and stop this tribalism card; it won’t work.”

– CAJ News

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