US hypocrisy on democracy further exposed


Scott Ritter

from NJABULO MKHIZE in Durban
KZN Bureau
DURBAN, (CAJ News) – THE United States’ denial of its citizen, former United Nations (UN) Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter, from attending a conference in Russia is the latest twist in the diplomatic enmity between the two countries.

By this action, the US has again exposed its hypocrisy on democracy.

Ritter was supposed to speak at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, one of the world’s biggest business summits since inception in 1995.

He disclosed the US government removed him from the flight and confiscated his passport; hence he would not travel to Russia.

“I’m fine, just annoyed,” Ritter said.

This is seen as hypocrisy by the US, which prides itself as a model democracy and champion for human rights.

Hence it has come under criticism.

“As Africans, we bow our heads in shame of a country that portrays itself as the world’s champion of democracy, human rights and the rule of law yet it abuses its own citizens’ rights of movement,” said Thulani Ndlovu from South Africa.

“I’m sure all 55 African countries are watching and seeing that the so-called champions of human rights and democracy are fake,” he added.

American independent journalist, Jackson Hinkle, took to social media, to express his concern about his country’s double standards.

“The State Department might have blocked Scott Ritter & Judge Napolitano from coming to Russia but they can’t silence these men. I will make sure that their message is heard by the world at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this week,” Hinkle said.

Hinkle is already in Russia, and is due to speak today (Tuesday).

Nigerian politician and student in international relations, Adanna Bello, said the US’ little respect left on lecturing the world about human rights, rule of law and democracy have vanished.

“The US has become a fascist state masquerading as ‘democracy’, especially under Joe Biden. Who in Africa in his sober sense would ever listen to the US’ lectures about human rights, rule of law and democracy,” he quipped.

Kadimov Emil argued if it was Russia blocking its citizens, the US and the West would be labeling Russia as a dictatorship.

The St. Petersburg Economic Forum is one of the biggest and most important business events in the world.

Over the years, it has cemented its status as a leading international event focusing on key issues on the global economic agenda.

This year, it comes amid differences between Russia and the US, heightened by the conflict between the former and Ukraine.

– CAJ News

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