Ivory Coast first with tap and go SIM registration

Axon Wireless Chief Executive Officer Justin Lipshitz

Axon Wireless Chief Executive Officer Justin Lipshitz

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) IVORY Coast is, according to a technology company, the first African country to commence a ‘tap and go’ system for mobile Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card registration.

South African firm, Axon Wireless, has launched the scheme, which would enable mobile users to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements by placing their national identity cards on a mobile phone screen and letting the agent’s pre-loaded Axon software complete the registration.

By instantly reading and recording citizens’ identity information, SIMs are registered in 45 seconds, according to executives.

“Mobile’s all about convenience and we’re extending that efficiency to the customer sign-up process,” said Justin Lipshitz, CEO of Axon Wireless.

“The system has been exceptionally well-received by mobile users who have historically felt inconvenienced by onerous SIM registration requirements.”

In Ivory Coast, the ‘tap and go’ system designed by Johannesburg-based Axon is now fully bedded down and helping mobile network operators (MNOs) comply with that country’s mobile sector regulatory regime that has prioritised national SIM card registration.

“After using South Africa as a proving ground, we took our SIM sign-up system and made it better in Ivory Coast,” Lipshitz said.

“Now, we’re hoping South Africans will also soon have access to ‘tap and go’ SIM card registration to help ease the complexities involved in becoming a mobile customer.”

The software by Axon is loaded onto agents’ existing mobile phones which minimises SIM registration costs.

In addition, the software is hailed as being flexible, meaning any amendments to a particular country’s registration requirements can be easily actioned.

– CAJ News

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