South Africa firms adopt Cloud amid power cuts

Photo by Cristian HERNANDEZ / AFP

Photo by Cristian HERNANDEZ / AFP

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) SOUTH Africa’s recent load shedding spell, the worst in years, has added interest in Cloud services as local firms insulate themselves from the country’s energy fallout.

This is a according to an independent telecommunications network operator after the country plunged to Stage Six of the power cuts for the first time in history.

Riaan van Stryp, General Manager of, said the expected uptick in Cloud adoption could be attributed to a growing realisation amongst businesses that access to basic utilities such as power could not be guaranteed in 2020.

“Data back-up and disaster recovery are eclipsing cost savings as the number one reason to go the Cloud route,” he added.

Van Stryp said having real-time remote access to reliable back-ups was the leading reason for Cloud adoption.

“We’re certain the number of businesses using Cloud services will eclipse the 80 percent mark by the new year,” he said.

There are other reasons to opt for Cloud-based connectivity, with anecdotal evidence suggesting about a third of South African businesses are using the Cloud for telecommunications services.

“Load shedding has become the final nail in the coffin of the clunky, desk-bound, reception area PBX (Private Brach Exchange) system of yesteryear,” van Stryp said.

Aside from providing virtual immunity against load shedding, the Cloud also lauded as an effective solution to the ongoing challenge of cable theft and other forms of crime affecting local firms’ access to information and communications technology (ICT) services.

A survey earlier this year established that 77 percent of South African businesses are using Cloud services in IT departments.

– CAJ News

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