Vivo brings 5G X50 series to SA


Vivo X50 Pro

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – CHINESE smartphone maker, vivo, has launched its groundbreaking X50 series in South Africa.

The flagship series, compatible with 5G, is the first to feature the Gimbal Camera System.

According to experts, this system revolutionises the mobile photography experience by delivering super stabilization, enabling users to capture professional-quality photos and videos while in motion.

“The unique colour palette, smooth shape, and comfortable feel of the X50 series smartphones all reflect conscious design choices to help users connect with our technology,” Hawa Hyath, Marketing Director at vivo South Africa, added.

“With elegance as its overarching design philosophy, the features of the X50 series of smartphones highlight its professional photography capabilities in delivering an enhanced user experience,” she added.

Hyath said the X series, Android 10 devices, aimed to provide premium photography experience through balancing technology and a user-centric design.

“As the first X series device to be launched overseas, the X50 reflects this purpose,” she said.

The Gimbal Camera System is hailed as a product of vivo’s capacity for innovating to build cutting-edge consumer technologies.

The highly-complex gimbal structure was originally 588mm2 and 5,5mm thick, but after continuous adjustment, vivo’s engineers reduced its surface area by 40 percent to 363mm2 and its thickness to 4,5mm.

The product is an advanced quad camera on the rear, consisting of the 48MP main camera, along with 13MP, 13MP, and 8MP lenses. The Gimbal Camera

System also has adequate structural protection, and its distance from the screen is 0,13mm.

Chinese-headquartered vivo is ranked as the sixth largest smartphone maker globally, as of the end of 2019.

– CAJ News

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