MDC-A lashed for blaming MP’s death on government


MDC-A secretary general, Charlton Hwende

from MARCUS MUSHONGA in Harare, Zimbabwe
HARARE, (CAJ News) THE Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) has lurched into controversy after a senior official blamed the death of its legislators on the government.

Charlton Hwende, the MDC-A secretary general, made the claim following the death of former legislator, Kennedy Dinar, who passed on at Chitungwiza General Hospital.

Hwende alleged the death, and other previous ones, were as a result of “risky politics” under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s so-called New Dispensation.

“Just in the last 60 days we have lost 6 National Executive Members (2 current MPs and 2 former MPs). Politics is increasingly becoming very risky in the so called New Dispensation. If you are not in court or jail then you are in the coffin,” he tweeted at @hwendec.

He has come under a barrage of criticism, even from his opposition colleagues for peddling falsehoods against the government.

Former MDC legislator, Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, who is now president of a new opposition political party called Labour Economists African Democrats responded, “This tweet is very insensitive to the bereaved family. I expect better communication from you Mhofu (Hwende). This habit of politicising natural deaths should stop forthwith. Antagonism has never worked, will not work and will never work. May Hon. Dinner’s soul rest in Eternal peace.”

Cliff Chiduku @ChifChiduku weighed saying: “Don’t sensationalise issues. This honourable succumbed to diabetes. What risk are you talking about here? Alarmist!”

Dunmore Mundai, tweeted: “Hon (Hwende), how can you confuse natural death with politics? Even the bible clearly articulates, munhu akabva muvhu achadzokera muvhu,” which translates as saying: “All go to the same place, all come from dust, and to dust all return.”

Stanley Sibanda unleashed his tweet on Hwende saying: “Hwende u need your head checked my young brother.”

Linnet Ndhlovu was equally critical. She wrote, “Also we must stop celebrating other people’s death (ZANU-PF). Don’t celebrate Shiri’s death (former Agriculture minister) and wishing Chiwenga (Vice President) death Vanhu Nevada mwari (meaning people belong to God)”.

One Museki also lambasted Hwende: “The whole SG (secretary general) of the so called MDC saying this nonsense, I feel sorry for the pple who voted for you.”

Petros Hondo reacted: “Hmmmmm! SG, put on a human face and respect the bereaved! Also, what are you alleging here?”

Isiah Mataruka urged Hwende to step down: “There is a moment as a politician when you have to look at yourself and say I have failed. I am sorry and I am stepping down. Mr Hwende this is the moment..cease the opportunity! Flag of ZimbabweFlag of Japan.”

Sekuru Va Tity argued: “Who can kill a former MP (Member of Parliament) for what reason?”

Nicole Hondo demanded to know: “Are you speaking on behalf of the families? What sort of leader are you to shamelessly exploit other people’s grief for political scores? Unosemesa Hwende,” translating as saying Hwende “you are a big shame.”

Tobaiwa Tigere said: “Charlton (Hwende), death is not a matter to play around with. Let the families mourn in peace, don’t dream up conspiracies where they don’t exist. You should be embarrassed.”

The opposition MDC-A controls both the capital Harare and second city Bulawayo where the standard of living collapsed under its watch because of rampant corruption, cronyism and maladministration.

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