Ukraine’s costly celebration of ‘victory’ over Russia


Precision Russian rocket attacks plunge Ukraine into darkness. (AP Photo/Kostiantyn Liberov)

from DMYTRO BONDARENKO in Kyiv, Ukraine
Special Correspondent
Ukraine Bureau
KYIV, (CAJ News) – THE premature celebrations of a victory over Russia, dramatised in front of western television cameras, have left Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with egg on his face.

Barely a day after the celebrations, it later turned to be untrue as he profusely mourned energy infrastructure destruction by Kremlin forces.

Tuesday’s precision strikes by Russian forces left the world with more questions than answers over the so-called advanced air-defence systems “air shield” supplied to Ukraine by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States (US), which are aimed at thwarting Russian aerial attacks.

“Most massive shelling of energy system since the beginning of the war…..affecting some of our neighbours,” Ukrainian Energy Minister, German Galushenko, commented following the Russian missile attack.

The massive air bombardment on Tuesday reportedly left half of residents in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and up to 80 percent of people living in the western city of Lviv without electricity.

Kirill Timoshenko, Ukrainian deputy head of the presidential administration, also confirmed massive bombardment by Russian forces as to have forced energy providers to resort to emergency power cuts in order to avoid energy system failures.

However, the world queried the effectiveness of the so-called ‘advanced air-defence systems’, which Moscow easily breached without much resistance.

“Not even 24 hours since the jubilations of victory in Kyiv (by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy), we are equally hearing Ukrainians groaning the most. Where are the advanced air-defence systems that came from NATO and the US,” queried Bob Sankofa in Kyiv.

Omega Dario imitated the bombardment: “Boom …boom …boom! Please tell me more stories about Western air-defence systems.”

One called Nonxo commented: “NATO has donated their best air defense systems (to Ukraine), so, what has happened to these air shields? Have they been destroyed by kamikaze drones?”

Some observers queried if the up to 80 percent of a city had been left without electricity, whose missiles had destroyed the infrastructure?

“Wasn’t Zelensky bragging about Kherson (victory) yesterday (Monday)? What happened,” Ismael Kumar queried the so-called victory over Russia citing Western media propaganda.

One called Cynic said: “Wow.. So according to Western mainstream media Russia is losing so badly that many of the energy facilities in Ukraine is going out because of attacks by who?”

The individual asked how the Western media was going to reconcile this.

“The Ukrainian military bombing many of its own energy facilities simultaneously? Or NATO bombing these facilities? Can’t be the Russians right? Because they are scrambling and losing.”

Ketch Strait blamed the United Nations (UN) of being clueless.

He also accused the UN of taking NATO’s and US stance instead of fairly presiding over global crises.

“The UN has failed diplomacy. It has escalated the conflict having taken sides and become a belligerent as an institution. The absence of diplomacy and incitement of hate,” Strait said.

– CAJ News


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