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Fred Mitchell

by Fred Mitchell
JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News)  – YEAR after year, more IoT devices are being manufactured and connected. According to a report by Meticulous Research, the IoT security market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.2% from 2022–2029 to reach $59.16 billion by 2029.

IoT has become integrated everywhere, including enterprises. And while it offers many benefits such as increased productivity and the rollout of mission critical applications, it can also lead to (enterprise) cyber-attack vulnerability.

Take Verkada, the US-based IoT building security start-up that was hacked in 2021, exposing footage from over 150,000 connected surveillance cameras belonging to 95 customers including enterprises, schools, police, and hospitals.

To this end, Check Point Software has introduced Quantum IoT Protect which automatically creates and autonomously enforces zero-trust network (ZTN) access profiles for IoT assets, protecting it against known and unknown cyber threats.

In addition, Check Point also protects the IoT devices by analysing and safeguarding the device’s firmware.

Quantum IoT Protect leverages threat intelligence, over 300 IPS signatures, firmware scanning, on-device run-time protection, and a single management console to protect all enterprises against known and unknown IoT cyber-attacks.

Check Point Quantum IoT Protect features:
Autonomous Zero Trust Protection – it automatically builds and enforces ZTN profiles for an enterprise’s entire inventory of connected assets on their Quantum Security Gateways. The autonomous ZTN profiles are built on advanced AI technology, research, and behaviour analytics to extend zero-trust practices into IoT assets.

IoT and OT environments change frequently and it’s important that your IoT security solution can automatically adapt in real-time to secure these devices.

Advanced Network Threat Prevention- it blocks attempts to exploit known IoT vulnerabilities in real-time. Check Point offers over 10,000 protection options for IT and IoT-related vulnerabilities as well as several hundred targeted at Industrial Control Systems.

These can be applied as virtual patches, which is a huge benefit in a world where IoT device patches are near impossible to complete as a result of difficult-to-reach device locations, mission critical runtime, complex protocols, standards, etc.

Pre-emptive On-Device Security- the security is built directly into the IoT devices’ firmware, scanning it for vulnerabilities, and blocking any threats in real-time.

The solution continuously monitors the device’s firmware to ensure security is always up to date. With Quantum IoT Protect, Check Point is offering on-device runtime protection for device manufacturers to develop connected IoT devices with built-in firmware security.

Unified Management Console –IoT discovery, protection, policy creation, event analysis and much more is offered as an end-to-end solution through a single management console with Quantum IoT Protect.

Quantum IoT Protect is the only autonomous IoT solution that proactively prevents cyber threats at the device and network level. The reality is that enterprises require not only attack discovery, but also technology that can prevent it.

NB: Fred Mitchell is software division head at Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

– CAJ News


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