How to Check Title Deeds in South Africa

A title deed is a vital legal document that serves as undeniable proof of ownership for a specific piece of land or an apartment within a building. This document holds critical information, including the property’s location, title number, and owner details, establishing legal ownership and ownership rights.

Importance of Checking Title Deeds

Verifying the legitimacy of a title deed becomes crucial, especially in property transactions. This process ensures that the seller has the legal authority to sell the land, providing protection against potential ownership disputes.

How to Check Title Deeds in South Africa

1. Manual Search at a Deeds Office

  • Visit the nearest Deeds Office in person.
  • Seek assistance at the information desk to complete the required form and understand the process.
  • Request a search for the specific property.
  • Pay the associated fee at the cashier’s office.
  • Receive a receipt number linked to your copy of the title deed.

2. Online Search via DeedsWeb or Mydeedsearch

a. DeedsWeb

  • Visit the official website: DeedsWeb.
  • Register for an account if necessary.
  • Search for the property using details like erf number, township, or farm name.
  • Pay the search fee and access the retrieved information.

b. Mydeedsearch

  • Visit the user-friendly platform: Mydeedsearch.
  • Choose the search type (property or person).
  • Enter the required details (e.g., erf number, owner’s name).
  • Pay the search fee and view the results.

Additional Information

Required Details for Title Deed Search

  • Full name and ID number of the property owner (or date of birth).
  • Erf number and township name (or farm name and number).

Cost of Title Deed Search

  • Property search: R200
  • Person search (single Deeds Office): R200

Processing Time

  • Online searches: Results are usually available immediately.
  • Manual searches: May take a few days.

Important Reminders

  • Provide accurate information during the search process.
  • Note that while online platforms offer convenience, some Deeds Offices might not have online access yet.
  • For legal advice or complex situations, consult a qualified conveyancer.

Understanding and verifying title deeds are essential steps in securing property transactions, ensuring a smooth and legally sound process.

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