How to renew PDP license in South Africa

In South Africa, individuals engaging in the commercial transportation of goods, dangerous materials, or passengers for income must possess a Professional Driving Permit (PDP). This article sheds light on the prerequisites, fees, and essential details surrounding PDP renewal in South Africa for the year 2024.

PDP Renewal in South Africa

Formerly known as a PDP before 1998, the Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) now acts as an additional document to your driving license. It is mandatory for individuals operating various commercial vehicles, including:

  • A breakdown vehicle
  • A minibus weighing over 3500 kg
  • Any vehicle transporting passengers for payment
  • A goods vehicle exceeding 3500 kg
  • Dangerous vehicles such as fuel tankers
  • Light motor vehicles, including those used for economic passenger transport (e.g., taxis)
  • Any vehicle designed to carry twelve people or more, including the driver
  • Any vehicle with an operating license

Note: Exceptions include hearses, tractors, road-building machinery, agricultural machinery, and fire-fighting vehicles.

How to Obtain a PrDP License in South Africa

Understanding the category-specific age requirements is crucial:

  • Individuals must be 18 years or older for a goods vehicle PrDP.
  • Individuals must be 21 years or older for a passenger vehicle PrDP.
  • Individuals must be 25 years or older for a dangerous goods vehicle PrDP.

Prerequisites for acquiring a PrDP license include:

  • National ID
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Passport size photos
  • Police clearance certificate and criminal record
  • PDP medical form or certificate (less than two months old)

Once these documents are ready, visit the nearest Driving License Testing Centre (DLTC) to complete the PrDP application form (PD1).

NaTIS PDP Renewal Online Booking

While there is an online option, it’s important to note that citizens often find it inefficient. The traditional method is preferred. Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Download the PDP application form or visit the nearest DLTC to complete it.
  2. Undergo an eye test at the testing centre or opt for an examination by a certified optometrist.
  3. Submit the completed form and make the PDP fee payment.
  4. Request a conviction report from the nearest police station.
  5. Once the report is submitted, you’ll be notified when the PrDP card is ready for collection.

PrDP Fingerprint Clearance

For ease, an SMS service by Afiswitch verifies fingerprint clearance. The process involves electronic fingerprinting, SAPS verification, and a report sent to the DLTC.

Contact Details for PrDP Renewal Online Booking

For more information, contact the Transport Administration and Licensing helpdesk at the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works:

Understanding the difference between PDP and PrDP and staying informed about costs and renewal procedures ensures compliance with legal driving requirements. The renewal process contributes to road safety by ensuring drivers remain competent and updated on regulatory changes.

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