SA’s Kruger park reports increases in animal poisoning



JOHANNESBURG – SOUTH Africa’s Kruger National Park (KNP), a well-known African safari destination, said Friday that there are increasing animals in the park poisoned by suspected poachers.

Some unknown people have poisoned water in the park or put poisoned meat, which has resulted in the deaths of various species, Richard Sowry, a ranger with the KNP, told Xinhua.

“Some poisoned water has killed insects, birds, hawks, eagles, vultures, buffalos, elephants and other animals. Any animal which feeds on the carcasses dies and we burn all of them after that,” said Sowry, who noted that more than 2,000 vultures have been poisoned at the park.

“People living next to the park should know the value of the animals in the park and benefit from it so that they can protect them. We have engaged the people on many occasions to help us conserve the fauna and wildlife,” he said.

Sowry added that they are trying to beef up the security in the KNP by using helicopters and dogs with global positioning systems on their necks to track poachers.

– Xinhua News

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