South Africa’s energy future’s looking bright


Wärtsilä Energy Business

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) THE Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) offers South African a fantastic opportunity to transform its current power system into one of the most sustainable, reliable and cost-effective energy systems globally, while also reducing emissions.

This is according to a global leader in energy storage solutions, smart technologies and lifecycle solutions for the energy market.

Wärtsilä Energy Business thus believes South Africa’s energy sector is on the right path following government’s release of IRP last year.

Its aim is to solve the country’s energy crisis by generating electricity through a mix of sources, with renewable energy accounting for a large portion of it.

The plan states that by 2030 South Africa should have moved to renewable-based energy generation.

“What South Africa’s power crisis has shown is that there is a need for a fast and the most cost-effective way to address the electricity supply gap and this is possible through more flexible technologies such as renewable power technology,” Wärtsilä Energy Business stated.

The company noted that a shift from South Arica’s traditional approach to power generation was needed to unleash the country’s clean energy potential and secure a future free from load shedding.

“A strategy centred around energy storage and flexible power systems will be the key to guaranteeing the reliability of a high-renewable grid, while also lowering the cost of electricity for South Africans.”

Power generation in South Africa is synonymous with the power crisis, which usually leads to load shedding/reduction.

This is attributed to Eskom’s ageing coal fleet.

“…but there is hope on the horizon,” Wärtsilä Energy Business stated.

– CAJ News

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