Happy Holidays from CAJ News Africa


Happy Holidays from CAJ News Africa

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) CENTRE for African Journalists (CAJ) News Africa, Pan-Africa’s largest news agency, wishes all its customers, business partners, media collaborators, allies and the continent at large, happy holidays and a prosperous New Year ahead.

The curtain is coming down what has been a torturous year characterized by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and economic turmoil.

CAJ News Africa Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founding Editor-In-Chief, Savious-Parker Kwinika expressed gratitude to the corporate, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), media partners, advertisers, municipalities and African governments for their support this year.

Without their support, Kwinika said the year 2020 would have been more disastrous.

“May I take this opportunity of the festive season to thank all our business associates, who made it possible for businesses in this expansive continent to function despite global outbreak of COVID-19,” said Kwinika.

He highlighted the year was taxing for many businesses, especially SMEs.

“Numerous companies collapsed due to the ravaging COVID-19. Millions of workers lost their jobs, hundreds of thousands of people lost lives while millions others got infected by COVID-19,” Kwinika lamented.

He thus lauded CAJ News Africa’s editorial, marketing, sales and advertising teams that remained buoyant, innovative, loyal and hardworking despite a very challenging and complicated period.

“It is my heartfelt gratitude and that of CAJ News Africa family to wish all our valued customers, cherished partners including their families a very happy holiday season,” Kwinika said.

“May the God of our forefathers, who is Jehovah, continues to see Africa through despite tough economic challenges brought about by COVID-19. One thing for sure, I’m very certain, with Jehovah God on our side, there is nothing impossible whatsoever.”

CAJ News Africa assured its trusted and potentially new customers to urgently seal deals with the continent’s leading source of credible news information in order to market their businesses.

“It’s never too late for the corporate, SMEs and public sector to seize media opportunities offered by CAJ News Africa and its subsidiaries to market, promote and advertise their businesses,” Kwinika said.

At the time of publishing on Thursday, the world had recorded more than 1,7 million COVID-19 deaths from a total of 79 million cases with 55.6 million recoveries.

– CAJ News



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