Agri-SA opposes Expropriation Bill


AgriSA head of land and legal affairs, Annelize Crosby

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) AGRI-SA is opposing the zero compensation and indirect expropriation of land in South Africa.

The grouping said a study by National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) that it supported the policy was untrue.

“Agri SA’s opposition to certain aspects of the bill, especially the definition of ‘expropriation’, which opens the door to all sorts of limitations on property rights without compensation being payable (indirect expropriation) and sub-sections 12(3) and (4), which provide for zero compensation, was communicated clearly and repeatedly,” said Annelize Crosby, head of land and legal affairs of Agri SA.

Crosby said the socio-economic study therefore created the “false impression” that Agri SA and the business community support the bill as it stands.

“Agri SA has in fact incurred considerable expenses to seek legal opinions on the bill and had commissioned an independent study on the possible economic implications of expropriation without compensation, that was released during March 2021.”

A socio-economic study was conducted on the Expropriation Bill, the results of which were never released.

Agri SA consists of organisations with an interest in the agricultural value chain.

– CAJ News



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