Libya lambasted for clampdown on migrants


Government of National Accord

from AHMED ZAYED in Tripoli, Libya
TRIPOLI, (CAJ News) A CRACKDOWN of migrants in Libya has resulted in the death of an individual, injury to 15 others and the arrest of over 4 000 people.

Women and children are among those arrested during raids on houses and temporary makeshift shelters in the capital, Tripoli.

Unarmed migrants were reportedly harassed in their homes, beaten and shot.

The United Nations said it received reports of one young migrant being shot and killed.

It also received reports that communications were shut down with individuals unable to communicate, access information and seek assistance.

Georgette Gagnon, the UN Assistant Secretary-General Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya, reiterated that the use of excessive and unwarranted lethal force by security and police forces during law enforcement operations was a violation of national and international law.

“We call on the Libyan authorities to investigate reports of security forces’ use of lethal and excessive force against migrants in yesterday’s operations,” Gagnon said.

The UN has repeatedly condemned the inhuman conditions in Libya’s detention centres.

Migrants and refugees are held in severely overcrowded facilities with limitations on access to life-saving humanitarian assistance.

Dax Roque, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Libya Director, expressed alarm at reports of mass arrests of migrants.

The envoy called on the Libyan authorities to immediately release those detained and to end the crackdown on migrants and refugees taking place across the North African country.

“Countries with ties to Libya, particularly European states must also scale up pathways for resettlement of refugees in Libya,” Roque said.

– CAJ News




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