Moti Group disputes media reports on lithium project


Moti Group of companies chairman, Zunaid Moti

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE Moti Group said its lithium project in Zimbabwe has received “extremely” promising valuations as evidence of its “excellent” long-term prospects, and exploration will be proceeding.

According to the latest report by expert mining consultants and geologists, the 10,000-hectare site in Zimbabwe has a potential value of up to US$1,4 billion, the company said.

This was in response to media reports on the contrary.

Dondo Mogajane, the Chief Executive Officer, said the Group fully intends to invest its own funds into exploring and developing the project as a majority shareholder.

“As should be more than obvious, a company such as the Moti Group would not be investing its own time, energy, or money into a project unless it was sure that this project was financially sound,” Moti Group stated.

The Group said it was a “highly disturbing and even horrifying” indictment of today’s media landscape that some publications had published inaccuracies without reaching out to it.

“This can only be attributable to SamSole’s incestuous relationship with other media professionals, despite them knowing the background of this matter, and despite amaBhungane’sobviously loose relationship with the truth and objectivity.”

The Moti Group said ultimately, the article in question is a clear example of media character assassination, obviously intended to further some media’s personal vendetta.

“And it is outrageous that like so many black-owned businesses before, the Moti Group remains a priority amaBhungane target despite its inability to prove either myself or the Group guilty of any wrongdoing,” the Group concluded.

– CAJ News


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